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"Anyone can Learn Music with Daily 30 minutes of regular practice for 30 days."

Music Galaxy India is a Musical Instruments training center since 2006. We provide Best Music Classes/ training of Guitar, Keyboard (Synthesizer ), Mouth Organ (Harmonica), and Singing (Basic Singing). We have offer Offline and Online Music Classes.
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Offline Best Music Classes / Courses

                                       Discover the Best Music Classes in Kothrud, where we offer exceptional offline Music Classes for Guitar, Keyboard, Mouth Organ and Singing.. Our expert instructors create a vibrant and engaging learning environment, ensuring you not only develop your musical skills but also enjoy the journey. Join us to experience top-notch guidance and unlock your potential in these diverse music disciplines. Elevate your passion for music with our unparalleled offline Music Classes/Courses! We have offline weekdays and weekend batches where we provide one on one individual training to each student. We have designed systematic and structured music courses to learn music easily step by step and get best result. We give practical oriented best music classes training. We have short term and long term music coaching.

Online Live Best Music Classes / Courses.

                                            Explore the finest Online Live Music Classes / Courses in Kothrud, renowned for excellence in Guitar, Keyboard, Mouth Organ (Harmonica), and Singing. Our virtual classes provide expert guidance, creating an interactive and enjoyable learning experience. Join us online to nurture your musical talents, receiving top-notch instruction from skilled professionals. Elevate your passion for music with our exceptional Online Live Music Classes/Courses and embark on a journey of musical mastery from the comfort of your home. Our Online Live Session will be conducted on Weekly Once and Twice with 1 Hour Class Duration via Zoom/Google Meet/ Whats app Platform. 

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